Sharing Files Between WSL2 Instances

I’ve been trying out the Windows Subsytem for Linux lately, using Ubuntu on WSL2. I currently have multiple versions of Ubuntu installed, allowing me to easily get a console to either one.

The “problem” I was trying to solve was: not wanting to generate new SSH keys on Ubuntu X, when I already registered SSH keys on Ubuntu Y.

After a little bit of research, trial, and error — I found a solution that I found acceptable.

Apparently in WSL2, the directory /mnt/wsl is automatically shared between all instances.

In my case, I just had to copy the SSH keys into this directory, hop over to the console of my other Ubuntu installation, and copy them to the correct directory. Then running ssh-add, of course.

Pretty sweet, and not super-obvious.

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Using & Abusing Google Webfonts

Central repos for webfonts are probably one of the greatest things to happen to the visual web.  Hundreds of fonts are now easily available to spice up your content.

I’ve recently found a few nice nuggets for those that use Google’s webfonts, that I thought are worth sharing.

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A Week Without Google Search

When you search the web a lot, you start to feel the rough spots of the search engines.  Working with a handful of different frameworks and languages requires to me visit a search engine several times a day.  Whether I’m checking for the existence of some obscure PHP function or trying to figure out the proper way to do something in a framework, Google is my friend.  I’d bet that this is pretty standard among web developers.

Due to some light anti-Google rebellion that has be brewing within me, I seem to have decided to avoid using Google to perform my daily searches.

The plan is to use a different, old school search engine, everyday; instead of Google.  Going in to this, the only prediction that I have made is that: these, most search engines probably return results of a similar quality.  Besides search quality, I’m not sure what else to expect. Google has been my goto search engine for a long time.  I’ve definitely used other search engines in the past, but am straining to remember when I defaulted to Google.

Today was Day One of my Week Without Google Search.

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Installing SSL using OpenSSL on a WAMP localhost

Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number g...

Image via Wikipedia

I’m working on a project that is requiring me to use SSL (to make a https connection) on my local installation of WAMP.  After much searching and a couple tries, it appears that I finally got it working.  This post should be useful to anyone who is trying to do the same.

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CSS Document Link Icons

Sometimes you will find yourself linking to documents from a page.  Suppose you need to link to a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Microsoft Word document.  I think that it is in good form to visually denote that these links will begin a download.

In a lot of cases, these types of links look exactly the same as any other HTML link.  Not exactly optimal from a usability standpoint.

After the jump, I will share a little CSS trick to give document download links a proper icon automatically.

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List of Countries

World map saint
Image via Wikipedia

Once in a while, you are working on a project where you need a list of every country on this planet.

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Blog Louder

I seem to have a few sites running on WordPress now, as do 4 billion other people, but I ran into something today that should be a default setting – yet it isn’t.  It has to do with pinging web services when you publish a new post on your blog..

And yes.. details after the jump!

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Kuler Photoshop Color Schemes

Image representing Adobe Systems as depicted i...
Image via CrunchBase

So I’ve been using Adobe’s kuler when the need arises..

If you are unfamiliar with kuler, it is Adobe’s online color swatch scheme generator thing.  It is a great tool / resource to find new colors and help you build color themes.

@kuler, you can browse premade color palettes that were saved by others or search them by color, keyword, etc.  You can also create your own color scheme starting from a base color, or by generating one from an image.  It’s pretty sweet when you are at a loss for colors to use for a design project.

There is an Adobe Air desktop app for it, but it never works as far as I know.  Today, I stumbled upon a feature of the entire CS5 suite of products that allows you to search and create color palettes directly from Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, and Flash!

Details after the jump…

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Auto-Tune Online

First, a web development video that contains auto-tuning:

A possibly quick idea for an autotune website that I will probably never create after the jump…

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Change AdSense Colors

If you are still using the “old” code to display Google AdSense ads, there is a little know feature that allows you to change the colors dynamically.

I have no idea what Google’s official stance on using this feature is, as they say that you cannot edit the code that they give you to paste on to your webpages, but whatever.

Details after the jump..

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7 FREE Programs that Everyone Should Have

To keep others safe and happy while computing, I am keeping a list of free software that everyone should have on all of their computers.

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