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Installing SSL using OpenSSL on a WAMP localhost

I’m working on a project that is requiring me to use SSL (to make a https connection) on my local installation of WAMP.  After much searching and a couple tries, it appears that I finally got it working.  This post should be useful to anyone who is trying to do the same.

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Blog Louder

I seem to have a few sites running on WordPress now, as do 4 billion other people, but I ran into something today that should be a default setting – yet it isn’t.  It has to do with pinging web services when you publish a new post on your blog.. And yes.. details after the […]

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Kuler Photoshop Color Schemes

Image via CrunchBase So I’ve been using Adobe’s kuler when the need arises.. If you are unfamiliar with kuler, it is Adobe’s online color swatch scheme generator thing.  It is a great tool / resource to find new colors and help you build color themes. @kuler, you can browse premade color palettes that were saved […]

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7 FREE Programs that Everyone Should Have

To keep others safe and happy while computing, I am keeping a list of free software that everyone should have on all of their computers.

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