7 FREE Programs that Everyone Should Have

To keep others safe and happy while computing, I am keeping a list of free software that everyone should have on all of their computers.

1. avast!www.avast.com

Number one on my list is avast! – the antivirus program.  If a bad program is about to run or even get onto your computer – avast! will catch it.

2. Defragglerwww.piriform.com

OMG get Defraggler!  I’m willing to bet that the #1 reason why anyone’s computer is slow is because they (or Windows) do not run a defrag program.  After using your computer for a while, the files explode into little bits, scattered across your harddrive.  Put them back in one piece with a defragger.  Defraggler can be easily scheduled to run monthly.  Heavy computer users could probably schedule it to run every two weeks.  You will notice a difference.

3. SpyBot: Search & Destroywww.safer-networking.org

4. MalwareByteswww.malwarebytes.org

SpyBot and MalwareBytes, in my opinion, should be able to get any nasties off of your computer that anti-virus cannot.  SpyBot also runs all the time to stop bad programs from running or making unwanted changes.  Another bonus of SpyBot is that it can protect your browser from known bad sites with it’s Immunize feature.

5. OpenOfficewww.openoffice.org

So you want Microsoft Word and Excel and stuff, but you can’t steal it from work..  Get OpenOffice.  It is almost totally compatible with Microsoft Office and can do anything that Office does.

6. Picasapicasa.google.com

Picasa is my top choice for viewing pictures on your computer.  Owned by Google, Picasa looks good and has great features such as facial recognition & easy photo enhancement.

7. Digsbywww.digsby.com

If you use any Instant Messaging programs, then just use Digsby instead.  You can login to ALL of your chat programs at once as well as get new tweets as little popups on your screen.  AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, MySpace, Gmail.. everything.

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