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I seem to have a few sites running on WordPress now, as do 4 billion other people, but I ran into something today that should be a default setting – yet it isn’t.  It has to do with pinging web services when you publish a new post on your blog..

And yes.. details after the jump!

So you may or may not know that WordPress does alert the internet when you publish a new post on your blog.  For some reason, it only notifies  Now, for all I know, this is more than enough to get your updates to the proper blogarati, but I expected at least like two services.

Tonight I found a total of 27 web services that your blog could be pinging!  Not one… twenty-seven.

And actually, the info for all of these services are linked to from your WordPress installation..

All of this pinging magic happens in your Settings, under the Writing section.  Scroll to the bottom of this area, and you will likely see pingomatic sitting by itself in the Update Services box.  If you click the link there, titled Update Services, you will see a page on with the list of the 26 other web services that you could (and probably should) be pinging.

So before you write your next blog post on your WordPress blog, stop by the home of this setting and give it some love.

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